Trifecta Box Betting

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  • The trifecta box bet is a popular option for those that are intimidated by the proposal of a straight trifecta. The box let's you pick three or more horses from the area, whom you believe are going to finish in the top three spots. You'll have to guess all three horses to win, place, and reveal to win any type of trifecta wager.
    As we discussed earlier, a direct trifecta bet requires you select (so ) the winners of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in a horse race. This rigidity implies the odds of hitting this type of bet are low, although the payouts on even a $2 bet can be up of 3 figures. Since most horse players flinch at the idea of being able to accurately and always choose the top three winners from a field of horses, so many select the trifecta box bet instead.
    Selecting the Trifecta Box
    Imagine you have are about to gamble on the outcome of an 8-horse race. You decide that you enjoy the 4-5-6 horses, but you do not which of those three will win, place, or series. It's possible to place the three in a box and make that your trifecta pick, and regardless of what order those three horses show, you win the bet. But when the 4-5-6 horses end in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th spots, or any combination that isn't first, second, and third, you will lose your bet.
    You can add a fourth horse (or more) into the box. Let's say you do not enjoy the 2nd horses place on the interior, however you think that it's a horse that is dangerous and could break into the top three. To hedge your bets, you may add the #2 horse into your bet. You would pick a trifecta box of 2-4-5-6, as long as some combination of these four horses finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, you win the trifecta box wager.
    Trifecta Box Costs Here's the cost structure for a typical $1 wager on the trifecta box bet. Larger wagers are possible, even though they follow this betting pattern.
    Three-Horse Box ($1) -- $6
    Four-Horse Box ($1) -- $24
    Five-Horse Box ($1) -- $60
    Six-Horse Box ($1) -- $120
    Seven-Horse Box ($1) -- $210
    Eight-Horse Box ($1) -- $336
    Nine-Horse Box ($1) -- $504
    Ten-Horse Box ($1) -- $720
    As you can see, the price of filling out trifecta boxes quickly becomes restrictive, if you want to put in a great deal of horses to your wager. Many people fill out a 3-horse box at six dollars, keeping in mind that their winners select has to be on the cash.

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